About Us

There are only 3 kinds of people in the world: 1) Criminals; 2) Victims; and 3) People who are equipped and prepared to help themselves and others when help is needed. We’re sure you’ve always wanted to be the third kind.

But guns are like reading glasses. If you don’t have them on all the time, you’ll find that when you need them most, you’ve left them in the pocket of your other pants. And it can be hard to keep a gun on you all the time. They are heavy, full of sharp edges, a real pain to carry. So they often get left behind.

After much research and trial-and-error field testing various prototypes the ORIGINAL MICHIGAN HOLSTER was born. It’s leather upper body-shield separates you from the gun, and the gun from you. No more poking and prodding every time you move; No more sweating on your gun. Its so comfortable that you can now wear your Para-Ordnance P14 double stack .45 ACP Semi-Auto or your Smith & Wesson 625 N Frame .45 ACP Revolver as concealed carry guns in perfect comfort. Your little Para Carry 6 .45 or Colt Government Model .380 just seem to disappear behind your belt. No more discomfort, no more sweat. We hope you’ll try one. We are sure you’ll love it and wonder how you ever did without an ORIGINAL MICHIGAN HOLSTER.

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