How the Original Michigan Holster Works

What Makes This Holster So Special?

Outside of the Holster Body of the Holster
Front Side Of The Holster
Fits Inside The Pants And Is Secured
To The Belt With A J-Hook
Back (Body) Side Of The Holster
Soft Leather Against Your Body, Not Gun Metal
Protects Your Gun From Corrosive Body Sweat

Your Holster Comes With An Owners Manual That Gives Detailed Instructions And Tips On How To Wear Your Holster. Below Is A Sequence Of Pictures Showing The Insertion Of The Holster Into Your Pants And Securing It With The J-Hook Into The Belt.

Grip The Holster And The Gun By The Pistol Grip With Your Draw Hand With Your Other Hand Pull The Pants Away From Your Body And With The Index Finger Separate The Belt From The Pants

Tuck The Holster Inside Your Pants With The J-Hook Between The Pants And The Belt Your Holster Is Now Comfortably Secured
  Now You See It… …Now You Don’t  

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